NEEO Messenger

Instant translator of text messages
 from over 100 languages

The NEEO project team has released their own NEEO Gold token!

Thank you for staying with us!
You can read more about the NEEO Gold token in the "Project Development" section.

Revolutionary Messenger
Based on blockchain technology
All of these people have a common issue: they have to communicate with people from
other countries even though they don’t know the language. All of them are actual or
potential users of NEEO Messenger.

Initially, Neeo Messenger was designed as an app for international trade facilitation. As a result, we now have a full-fledged messenger used in diversified communications.

You write messages and get replies in your native language regardless of whether your conversation partner is Chinese, Brazilian, Dutch or French. We didn’t simply create “just another messenger” – we erased language barriers completely.

We used blockchain technology in NEEO Messenger so users can earn with it. Now both advertisers and any users can make profit.

You can add new words and phrases from your mother tongue to the messenger’s dictionary and get rewards. Thanks to the decentralization, the NEEO community can evaluate your work.

Thus, we have a constantly updated dictionary for more than 100 languages, which also includes slang and neologisms.

You think we’ve developed a perfect
translator messenger?

The truth is - this is just the beginning.
Project Development
Decentralized NEEO Apps Platform
Other Apps of the NEEO Apps Platform
Why NEEO Messenger is a Successful Project
The further project development includes the decentralized social media as well as trading platform where you can earn by being socially active or watching ads.

Blockchain mechanisms used in NEEO Apps ensure data security and resistance to malicious attacks. These mechanisms are focused on business process acceleration by increasing the level of trust. Taken together, we expect that it will lead to an increase in the token price.

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